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Sun Mountain 2018 Golf Bag Range Launched

Sun Mountain 2018 Golf Bag Range Launched image courtesy Sun Mountain
Sun Mountain 2018 Golf Bag Range Launched image courtesy Sun Mountain

If you are a golfer considering buying a new bag this autumn or winter, then Sun Mountain should be kept in consideration. The popular brand has recently launched 16 new designs of the Sun Mountain 2018 Golf Bag in a variety of colours and styles.

One of the most popular manufacturers of stylish and durable golf bags, Sun Mountain have gone all out with their new arrivals for 2018 with nine brand-new carry bags and seven cart or trolley bags.

All 16 come with the cutting edge technology that has made Sun Mountain one of the industry leaders—they feature a variety of designs and colours to give golfers the widest range of golf bags to choose from and to begin the new season with.

As you might expect from a brand which was the first to launch waterproof golf bags in the mid to late 2000s, Sun Mountain do not skimp on technology in any of the bags in their 2018 range which include the H2NO Superlite, the TWO5 Plus, the FOUR5 LS 14 Way and the Leather Sunday.

The Sun Mountain 2018 Golf Bag range

The H2NO Superlite is the premium option and is available in both stand and cart bag in four colour options. As you might expect of the name, this is a bag that prides itself on its waterproof qualities—the H2NO being a play on the chemical name for water. The carry bag weighs just 1.9kg and the cart bag is not much heavier at 2.1kg, underlining the bag is super light feature. The carry bag features four pockets and the standard X-strap design for carrying, while the cart bag has an extra pocket. All of which are accessible if you are a buggy user.

If you like a light back to carry, the Leather Sunday option weighs even less than the H2NO Superlite. It’s the most expensive and more than double the price of some of the other options, so you’re going to really want to have it to justify the price. But it is incredibly stylish being made of 100 percent Mongolian yak leather. It weighs just 1.8kg, comes with only the one classic strap and has three pockets for accessories.

The newest design of the TWO5 Plus bag is the cheapest of the options in the Sun Mountain 2018 golf bag range, but you still get a quality product with four colour options to choose from including grey, black and navy. Featuring the X-strap design and with three pockets, the bag has a four-way divider for clubs rather than the standard six-way, but weighs just 1.2kg empty—easy for carrying around the course.

The FOUR5 LS 14 Way isn’t the most compelling of names and doesn’t hint at what you get, but in truth this is a bag that golfers will love. The 14 in the name is because the area for clubs comes with a 14-way divider—so each has their own home! There’s storage galore too, with no fewer than nine pockets for golfers who can’t put enough in their bags. Better still, you have five colours to choose from, and it is very reasonably priced at the lower end of Sun Mountain’s pricing options.

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