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TaylorMade TP Red Collection Launched

TaylorMade TP Red Collection Launched image courtesy TaylorMade
TaylorMade TP Red Collection Launched image courtesy TaylorMade

TaylorMade have launched a new range of Tour Red Putters. The collection was announced after a high demand from golfers wanting to get their hands on equipment used by the likes of Jason Day and Jon Rahm.

While the TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter has been all the talk—Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Rory Mcllroy and this year’s Masters champion Sergio Garcia all used the red putters to various degrees of success—the TP Red Collection brings a range of more orthodox putters to the market.

Featuring a variety of red putters which caught the eye when Day first started using the colour (he debuted it with his Itsy Bitsy Spider putter red in reference to Australia’s famous Redback spiders), the eye-catching finish has been added to several of TaylorMade’s putters that everyday golfers have in their bag. So now you can own a red putter like the pros.

The TaylorMade TP Red Collection features five new versions of the Ardmore putter and a variation of the Chaska putter, previously only available as part of the TP Silver Putter Collection. They are all mid-mallet options with a combination of different hosels to ensure the options suit any golfer.

All six come with stainless steel heads, feature TaylorMade’s Pure Roll technology and grooves to help ball striking and have clear white sightlines to aid alignment on the putting greens. Interestingly, all putters have interchangeable weights meaning you can play about with the balance to get the ideal putter for your stroke. They are also available in 34 and 35-inch versions.

The six putters in the TaylorMade TP Red Collection are

TaylorMade TP Red Ardmore Putter

The Ardmore is a traditionally-shaped mallet with a full shaft offset and a face balance towards the toe of the putter head. The dual sightlines make it a great putter if you struggle with alignment.

TaylorMade TP Red Ardmore CTR Putter

The Ardmore CTR is different from the standard Ardmore putter because it has a centre-set shaft—that is the reason for the suffix. Like the Ardmore, the two sightline design should help alignment.

TaylorMade TP Red Ardmore 2 “L” Neck Putter

The Ardmore 2 “L” Neck putter gets its name from the shape of the hosel. A progressive full mallet with full shaft offset, like the standard Ardmore putters it has double sightlines either side of the cavity and promotes a flowing stroke with a toe hang.

TaylorMade TP Red Ardmore 2 Double Bend Putter

As you might guess from the name, this version of the Ardmore 2 has a double bend in the hosel. The full shaft offset putter is a progressive full mallet and is ideal for a straight back, straight through stroke with the wide double sightlines again featuring as an alignment aid.

TaylorMade TP Red Ardmore 3 Putter

The Ardmore 3 is another mid-size mallet but you will notice the putter head is marginally shorter than the other options in the Red Collection. The toe hang promotes a flowing stroke and the single centre sightlines aids alignment.

TaylorMade TP Red Chaska Putter

The Chaska is slightly different to the Ardmore options, this red putter being a semi-rounded mallet with a hole towards the rear. Three sightlines feature on this model to give confidence over the ball.

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