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TaylorMade SIM Driver and Woods Launched

TaylorMade has continued the quest to make the perfect driver and woods with the release of the new SIM range ahead of a February 2020 launch.

The SIM range, which gets its name from the Shape In Motion slogan, features a new driver, woods and rescues and was first seen in action at the Tournament of Champions used by the likes of Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm. It will officially be released for sale next month.

The TaylorMade SIMs will replace the M5 and M6 driver, woods and rescues as the manufacturer’s top option—although the new design could well divide more opinions than its predecessor did with the SIM range featuring the asymmetric sole design that some may not like the aesthetics of.

TaylorMade SIM Driver

There are three drivers in the TaylorMade SIM range—the SIM, SIM Max and SIM Max D—and they are all about generating more speed and less drag course of the sole design and a raised crown, which is made from ultra-light weight chromium carbon.

TaylorMade have come up with the now sole design which they believe helps eradicate the drag during the last three feet of the downswing—the most critical phase when it comes to maximising speed.

The good news for lovers of the Twist Face Technology that first appeared in the M5 and M6 drivers is that is also part of the SIMs, and there is also an Inertia Generator feature in the design to help lower the CG and help promote a higher launch and increased forgiveness.

The SIM driver is fully adjustable through a 10g sliding weight, which offers golfers up to 20 yards of adjustability on both the draw and fade bias front.

The SIM Max has a larger face as well as a heavier Inertia Generator to afford golfers more forgiveness that the SIM design. The face on the SIM Max D is the biggest of all, while the name comes from the fact it is the draw-biased option of the trio.

TaylorMade SIM Fairway Woods

Like the drivers, the TaylorMade SIM fairway woods come in three design options, and there is some significant changes from previous models.

The SIM, SIM Max and SIM Max D has an 80g sole weight included to lower the CG more than ever before in TaylorMade woods, with the promise that they now provide increased ball speed, higher launch and better forgiveness even on off-centre strikes.

The face is a new Zatech titanium composition with the design to opt for the strong metal differing from previous ranges of woods. There is also a V Steel sole to help raise the heel and toe from the ground.

The Max option has been created at 185cc – 5cc more than the SIM—while the Max D is a 190cc option for those looking for more confidence over the ball.

TaylorMade SIM Hybrids

TaylorMade actually call the new SIM hybrids as a rescue, and the new design only comes in the SIM Max range. The V Steel technology debuts for the first time in a hybrid option and the toe and face angles have been rounded more than in the M5 and M6 options. Available in five loft options, the new design looks sure to be winner.

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