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Ten Golf Podcasts Worth Listening To

Ten Golf Podcasts Worth Listening To

Unlike a time back when golf was deemed as an exclusive club for the wealthy and older generation, now the sport is adored by millions of people worldwide. There is no doubting the thrill and excitement that the game of golf brings, whether you are a dedicated player or just a casual viewer. Fortunately, now we have amazing technology to keep us thoroughly informed and entertained by our favorite sport. Listening to podcasts is one of the greatest ways to learn more about golf and get advice from industry professionals. In this article, we’ll look at ten incredible golf podcasts that you should add to your listening collection immediately.

Top 10 Golf Podcasts in 2023

The Fried Egg Golf Podcast

The Fried Egg Podcast boasts a mammoth fanbase and features in-depth conversations about golf course architecture and the PGA TOUR. With over 200 episodes, the podcast is hosted by Will, Garrett, and Andy, the team behind To share their knowledge and offer a new perspective on professional golf, they enlist the help of subject matter experts and course designers.

No Laying Up

Popular golf podcast “No Laying Up” is hosted by a group of four golf enthusiasts Tron Carter, Big Randy, Neil Schuster, and Chris Solomon. They discuss a variety of golf-related subjects, such as PGA TOUR competitions, player interviews, and golf course evaluations. With over 600 episodes, there is plenty for your ears to enjoy.

The Erik Anders Lang Show

This podcast investigates the social aspects of golf and is hosted by filmmaker and golf enthusiast Erik Anders Lang. Lang explores the personal tales and experiences of golfers, celebrities, and business leaders via interviews. It’s an interesting and captivating podcast that deviates from the usual golf talks.

Golf Science Lab

“Golf Science Lab” is a podcast for golf enthusiasts who enjoy learning about the technical components of the sport. The Cordie Walker-hosted program examines and discusses the science underlying the golf swing and performance by bringing together top authorities in sports science, biomechanics, and golf teaching. If you are more of the nerdy golf fan, Golf Science Lab will be your cup of tea.

On the Mark

“On the Mark,” a podcast on golf teaching, strategy, and player performance, is hosted by golf coach and analyst Mark Immelman. The podcast is a go-to resource for golf improvement, thanks to Immelman’s vast golfing knowledge and skill that are relayed in his discussions with top coaches and players.