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Ten Golf Podcasts Worth Listening To

Ten Golf Podcasts Worth Listening To

The Golf Podcast

The Golf Podcast is hosted by two ardent golfers named Frank and Mike who share their love for the sport through intelligent conversations, advice, and interviews. The podcast offers a wide range of subjects to assist golfers of all skill levels advance their abilities, from equipment evaluations to golf health and mental game guidance.

The Clubhouse with Shane Bacon

Shane Bacon, a well-known golf broadcaster and writer, hosts “The Clubhouse,” a podcast that features interviews with professional golfers, celebrities, and industry insiders. Bacon’s friendly and engaging interviewing style brings out interesting stories and perspectives from his guests, making each episode a captivating listen.

Chasing Scratch

The golf podcast “Chasing Scratch” has a distinctive style. It follows two amateur golfers as they attempt to break 80 and eventually scratch (attain a zero handicap). Any golfer may enjoy the realistic, hilarious, and insightful teachings in this narrative-style podcast.

The Rick Shiels Golf Show

This well-liked golf podcast is hosted by PGA golf pro and YouTube sensation Rick Shiels. Along with presenting conversations with tour players and business leaders, he imparts his knowledge of golf instruction, equipment, and course administration. The program offers helpful suggestions and guidance to assist golfers become better players.

Golf Smarter

Golf Smarter is a podcast that shares advice from seasoned pros to assist golfers become better players. Interviewing golf instructors and business leaders, host Fred Greene offers insightful commentary on a variety of game mechanics, such as putting, chipping, and mental toughness.

Parting Shot

The above golf podcasts have something to offer everyone, whether you’re a fan wishing to keep up with the latest news, an avid player looking for advice to improve your game, or just someone who appreciates the cultural aspects of golf. These podcasts offer rich information and entertainment, ranging from in-depth analyses and interviews to helpful tips and funny anecdotes.