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Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Tiger Woods

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Tiger Woods

What’s golf without Tiger Woods? That would be equivalent to visiting a world-renowned game park and leaving without the sight of a lion. Not any golfer can spend 683 weeks as world number one or reach the top spot less than a year after turning pro. Although his history on the course is worth an encyclopedia, Woods likes to lead a private life and there are some sensitive details you might have missed. We explore some things you may not know about the legendary golf star.

His real name is not Tiger

Although everywhere the star’s name appears reads Tiger Woods, you’ll be amused to learn his actual name is Eldrick Tont Woods. His father, Earl Woods, was a U.S. Army officer that served in the Vietnam War. It was during the military service that the senior Woods befriended a South Vietnamese Colonel Vuong Dang Phong who was nicknamed Tiger. Earl then named his son Tiger in honor of his friend.

He could have been more successful

Tiger Woods has achieved the kind of success many golfers only dream of, but his achievements would have been greater were it not for constant injuries. The star has undergone several knee surgeries and dealt with back problems throughout his career. Many times, the legend has wanted to chase another major trophy only to drop out citing health issues. For instance, in 2019, he underwent a fifth back surgery, which kept him out of competition for a significant period.

He is a passionate scuba diver

If you thought that the man only knows how to swing a club, you should encounter him underwater. Woods is a passionate scuba diver who got certified in 2004 and has been known to enjoy his time under the ocean in various locations.

He is highly philanthropic

Let’s start by acknowledging that Tiger Woods is one of the very few billionaire athletes. Although most stars choose to enjoy their sweat by buying flashy cars and swanky mansions, Woods also has a good heart and enjoys giving back to society. He established the Tiger Woods Foundation in 1996, with the sole focus of providing educational opportunities to underserved youth. Through the foundation, he operates several scholarship programs and learning centers.

He is a Buddhist

Woods is of mixed ethnicity, with his dad being African American, Chinese, and Native American and his mother Thai, Chinese, and Dutch. Tiger’s mom, Kutilda, raised him as a Buddhist and he has confessed to visiting the temple as a child and practicing meditation. He says that one aspect of Buddhism that has kept him going over the years is inner growth through spirituality.