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The MGI Zip Navigator – The Ultimate Caddy

The MGI Zip Navigator - The Ultimate Caddy

For over 25 years, MGI Golf has been synonymous with electric golf caddies across the globe. With an extensive history of product development and a focus on delivering quality design in the golfing industry, MGI Golf has not only helped extend the playing life of many golfers, but it has also become a pivotal brand at the forefront of golf innovation for an emerging tech savvy generation.

Innovation is showcased heavily within the flagship electric golf caddy, the remote controlled MGI Zip Navigator. With a sleek and compact metal frame, black and titanium grey colour variants, an assortment of inbuilt technological advancements and a full directional remote control, the MGI Zip Navigator will change the way anyone approaches the golf course for good.


The MGI Zip Navigator includes notable game changing characteristics within the chassis of the electric golf caddy. The signature element of the MGI Zip Navigator is the full directional remote control, allowing for forward, reverse, left and right movements as well as a brake. This allows golfers to roam freely on the course whilst the electric golf caddy does all the work. Golfers can also control the speed remotely, by tapping the forward button the MGI Zip Navigator will continue to increase in speed from a slight sneak at a speed of 1 all the way to its full speed of 9, allowing you to reach the ball effectively and efficiently across any terrain. The other significant technological triumph of the MGI Zip Navigator is the Patented Gyroscope straight tracker technology. This feature gives golfers the power to traverse straight across the toughest of terrain as the Patented Gyroscope straight tracker technology automatically guides the caddy on a clean line across any slope or undulation. This technology gives golfers the ability to spend more time focusing on their game.

Downhill Speed Control technology is also integrated within the Zip Navigator. This innovative feature can be accessed and controlled via the remote and assists golfers to effortlessly manoeuvre down any sloped terrain. Essentially, Downhill Speed Control readjusts the momentum to comfortably guide the caddy down any declining path out on the course.

Powered by twin 230w motors, the MGI Zip Navigator will do all the work for golfers of any ability. The electric caddy enables golfers to walk freely and ultimately lets them increase their awareness of the course and gives them the capability to focus more on their next shot.

The MGI Zip Navigator includes the signature Zip Fold mechanism, allowing the unit to compactly fold easily in three steps. With the rear wheels inverted and weighing only 16kgs (with the battery attached) it can be stored comfortably in a variety of locations and is designed to always be ready for convenient use.

The swivelling front wheel and all terrain rear wheels provide increased stability and an increased range of motion so the MGI Zip Navigator can easily operate on any flat or rugged terrain. The MGI Zip Navigator also features a necessary 4th extendable rear wheel, enabling the electric caddy to climb steep inclines and balance effectively without the worry of tipping over and damaging your golf clubs. Along with the All-Terrain rear wheels for added tread on rough or smooth terrain, the MGI Zip Navigator will comfortably perform without fail from tee to green.

Additionally, with Variable Speed Control, Controlled Distance Functionality, and inbuilt odometers controllable from the compact LCD top box display, the MGI Zip Navigator is one of the smartest electric golf caddies on the market.

A design element throughout the entire Zip Series range, the Click and Go battery can be charged on or off the caddy for maximum convenience. The Zip Navigator is powered by a 24v Lithium 380wh battery, and if fully charged has the capacity and can deliver to 36 holes on a single charge and designed for dedicated golfers playing weekly.

The MGI Zip Navigator becomes the ultimate companion out on the course when it is paired with the extensive offer of accessories available for MGI’s Zip Series caddies. Enhance your experience by adding up to 11 optional accessories to your MGI Zip Navigator, ranging from sand bottle holders to rain covers or extra storage. The Zip Navigator is backed and supported by a 3-year warranty with purchase within the Mainland US.

If you are looking to take your game to the next level and get the most out of your day on the course, check out the Zip Navigator electric golf caddy from MGI Golf. For more information visit