Volvik Vivid Golf Ball Review

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The Volvik Vivid golf ball is catching the eye—and not just because it comes in a variety of bright and fluorescent colours.

For starters, the balls are starting to appear on Tour after Bubba Watson signed a multi-year agreement with the South Korean manufacturer. He’s used the S4 range in a variety of colours as well as the striking Vivids too.

At the time of signing the agreement, Watson told Golf Digest: “It comes down to the fun factor—how could you not want a coloured ball when you have a coloured driver. The companies I want to be with are the ones that let me have some influence and be part of the decision-making.”

Having a face like Watson—a major winner and a player already using a pink driver—behind the brand will undoubtedly help it grow. The Vivid might well start flying off the shelf for more than just the fact that they look great in a variety of bright colours including yellow, green, red and blue.

Other players are playing them too, including Tim Petrovic and Craig Stadler and female stars on the LPGA Tour like Julie Yang and Jennifer Johnson.

Volvik produced balls before the Vivid, but none have attracted quite the same attention as this particular line. Thje colors and matte finish of these balls make it look as though they don’t have dimples—but that isn’t the case. A close inspection will prove just that.

The colours also mean you should lose less golf balls (or they should be easier to find at the very least). This will be a significant attraction for higher handicap golfers who may have a tendency to lose a greater amount of balls compared to players with lower handicaps.

When it comes to performance, the Vivid comes out well when compared to rivals. This is especially true when it comes to distance and spin levels. The spin levels are pretty similar to the Titleist ProV1 and—although slightly down on distance on that premium product—you’re getting good value for money from the Volvik Vivid.

Volvik advertise the ball as being ‘best suited to players with a swing speed of between 70-90mph’. It is those players who will find the distance most compatible with other balls, rather than golfers with faster swing speeds.

The Vivid ball also has a good, soft feel around the greens when chipping. It equally gives confidence with the sound and feel off the putter face, whether you’re putting from long or short ranges.

Overall, the Volvik Vivid is a fairly impressive golf ball. It won’t be for everyone—some golfers will still want to play a traditional white ball—but if you’ve got nothing against playing a bright green or bright pink ball, then you’ll actually get a reliable golf ball that stands up against more renowned products.

The price sits very well. The Volvik Vivid comes in mid-range in the sector. But when you factor in the likelihood of losing them less often thanks to the colour, they actually become even better value. If you want to add a bit of colour to your game, why not give them a go?

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