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Callaway Launch Oversize Golf Ball

Callaway have introduced three new golf balls in 2019, including a revolutionary oversized product that will divide the opinion of golfers.

Two of the three products launched this month are brand new golf balls with the Callaway ERC Soft and Callaway Supersoft Magna—the oversized ball—fresh options to play. Meanwhile, an upgraded 2019 version of the popular Callaway Supersoft will also hit the market.

The three balls all offer a different level of performance to suit all type of golfer, with length, spin, feel and launch angle all part of the selling points of the Supersoft, Supersoft Magna and ECR balls—not to mention the larger size of the latter.

Callaway Supersoft

Two years since the last version of the Callaway Supersoft golf ball was launched in 2017, the leading manufacturer has come up with an updated version with improved performance. The Supersoft, as the name suggests, is the softest ball that Callaway produce and the tweaks in design should only make it better. With the Supersoft, you get a forgiving ball that provides long distance, all the time while being incredibly soft with a great feel around the greens. The low compression construction now has a new low-spin HEX aerodynamics pattern to help keep shots straighter than ever before, while the softer Trionomer cover has been honed to maximise spin on approach shots. The perfect combination.

Callaway ERC Soft

Innovation has been the key feature in the design of the brand-new Callaway ERC Soft golf ball. The ERC—named after company founder Ely Reeves Callaway—will be sold as a distance-enhancing ball and aimed at players looking to find more length off the tee and with irons shots. Callaway promise that the ERC is their longest ball, but it isn’t all about distance because the design allows for spin and control around greens and the short game isn’t an afterthought. The ERC has a similar structure to the popular Callaway Chrome Soft with graphene dual-soft fast core, but new features include a hybrid cover of materials and Triple Track Technology, three lines on half the ball to help alignment on the greens.

Callaway Supersoft Magna

The Callaway Supersoft Magna golf ball is the unique new addition and one that takes things to a different level. The ball is bigger than anything else on the market, but why have Callaway opted to make such a move? The idea is to target the Magna, which conforms to USGA Rules of Golf despite being oversized, at junior golfers, beginners and players seeking to develop more consistent ball striking. The Magna has largely been designed based on the Supersoft, but the higher centre of gravity makes it easier to launch and the increase in size means it’s easier to strike from centre of the face. Throw in the confidence-boosting factor of standing over the ball due its size, and it is clear Callaway might be on to something. But the Magna will divide opinion and certainly won’t be attracting the better players.

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