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Connected Modular Golf Watch Launched by TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer, one of the world’s leading watchmakers, are attempting to gain a slice of the growing golf GPS watch market with the launch of the Connected Modular 45 ‘Golf Edition’ digital wristwatch.

Having seen the likes of Garmin and Bushnell lead the way when it comes to distance measuring watches and rangefinder products, Swiss manufacturer TAG Heuer have come up with their own GPS watch and an accompanying smartphone app.

The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 golf watch will set you back a pretty penny (the watch retails for $2,300) compared to almost every other distance measuring device on the market and certainly won’t be for just anyone, but you are buying something that oozes style, class and is made by arguably the world’s finest watchmaker.

The Connected Modular range has been around for a while and is already popular, especially by those looking for a simple and easy-to-use GPS capabilities from their watch in every day situations. But while the original version had a number of uses and electronic designs, the Connected Modular golf water has been created exclusively for golfers.

“A special edition to improve your game on golf courses around the world,” is how TAG Heuer describe the Connected Modular 45 golf watch in their sales pitch. “Discover a unique watch and application dedicated to golf and enjoy a connected caddy on your wrist for all of your games.”

Images courtesy of TAG Heuer

The Connected Modular is a thing of beauty. It is made from shock-resistant materials, features a black ceramic bezel ring with 18 numbers engraved to signify the 18 holes of a golf round.

The watch boasts a touchscreen of 45mm in size (hence the name) and has data for more than 39,000 worldwide golf courses pre-loaded upon purchasing. You not only get all of the key information to make an informed decision on the golf course, but a handy graphic of the hole too.

Unlike many GPS watches, the new creation from TAG Heuer can be connected (once again, the reason why it gets its name) to an accompanying smartphone app to analyse data. You can also use the smartphone to view enhanced graphics should you wish to improve your experience on the course further by using a bigger screen size – or if you forgot to charge the watch or left it at home.

The app is free to download and provides a 3D view of the course you are playing, with the watch itself displaying graphics in 2D form. The app is also set up to be used in conjunction with other TAG Heuer Connected Modular watches and not just the dedicated golf edition.

The watch itself comes with the promise of a 25-hour battery life, a far greater offering than what some rival manufacturers can promise. That’s around six rounds of golf without charge. It also has 4gb of storage, has the capabilities to send and receive messages can play music and has a water resistance of 50m should you wish to use it off the course and in the water.

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