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FootJoy DNA Helix Golf Shoes Review

FootJoy DNA Helix Golf Shoes Review image courtesy Footjoy
FootJoy DNA Helix Golf Shoes Review image courtesy Footjoy

Footjoy are known as one of the industry leaders when it comes to golf shoes. The much-awaited third version of the ever-popular DNA range is the Helix.

It won’t be for every golfer given the fairly hefty price but if quality is what you are looking for, then the Footjoy DNA Helix golf shoe is a product that certainly stands out.

The design is premium, the fit is exceptionally comfortable and the technology that has gone into the creation of the DNA Helix is aimed at helping players get the most out of their game.

The Footjoy DNA Helix golf shoe is light in weight and—despite being a spiked shoe—might well offer golfers an all-year-round option without the need to switch to spikeless shoes in more firmer summer conditions.

The shoe features a full Pulsar spiked or cleated sole to improve stability over shots. Given the Helix name, it might not surprise that the design of the shoe creates added stability in the heel area—that is specifically down to the design of the sole.

Footjoy have created a shoe that is wider at the heel than previous versions of the DNA range, with that increase in size allowing for more cleats and more grip. You certainly feel like you have got a stronger base from which to strike the ball, all without feeling like you are glued to the ground.

Some of Footjoy’s TOUR professionals—Justin Thomas, Henrik Stenson, Adam Scott and Louis Oosthuizen are among the leading name signed to the brand—were consulted during the design process with the request for greater stability being a key requirement. It has certainly been delivered…just like Under Armour did with the Under Armour Spieth One golf shoe created in conjunction with Jordan Spieth.

The two spikes closest to the heel have been moved further apart to keep the foot in contact with the ground through the swing process for longer, but are not detrimental to greens when reaching the putting surface as some had initially suggested they might be.

The Footjoy DNA Helix golf shoes are also an aesthetically good-looking item. They are available in white, red, blue and black and are crafted from the premium Pittards Chromoskin leather (as previous versions) which comes with a 1-year waterproof guarantee.

They are built for comfort too with added padding around the ankle and the tongue of the shoe, although most golfers have found you will likely need to order a half-size less than you usually would.

As for the price, they are not cheap. You will likely have to justify the price tag, but there is enough evidence in the design that proves they will help improve your game. If you currently play with a spiked pair in the winter and a spikeless pair in the summer, you might well find buying the Footjoy DNA Helix golf shoes and using them all year round is no more expensive.

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