HONMA Golf Release Future XX ball

HONMA Golf has added a new premium ball to its range of products with the release of the Future XX ball.

The Japanese brand are looking to make great waves in the golf industry and their capture of Justin Rose as a brand ambassador for HONMA golf clubs this year was another step in the direction to becoming a global force.

And now the HONMA Future XX golf ball will also be part of the global strategy with the newest creation the first 6-piece ball produced by HONMA.

HONMA already have the TW-X & D1 Plus golf balls, which are 3-piece constructions, as well as the 2-layer D1 model, but the Future XX is a significant step up and one which the Japanese manufacturer hope can take on the best in the world.

“We’re really excited about our new golf ball line-up for this season,” said Tony Scott, Head of Marketing, HONMA Golf Europe. “Considering how well each ball performs, we believe that we have some fantastic products for golfers of all abilities to try at very competitive price points.”

HONMA have focused on adding distance and providing consistent spin performance from the Future XX ball compares to previous versions of HONMA ball, all without targeting the product at a certain level of golfer. And the design has been key in extracting maximum performance.

The six-layer construction is a highly resilient core, a softer second layer and a firmer third layer. The combination of the three inner layers is designed to generate more energy and faster ball speeds, and it is the centre of the ball that helps increase distance.

The fourth layer gets firmer still, as does the fifth layer with both helping to produce a consistent spin level on all shots whether from the tee or fairway.

The final layer is a soft urethane cover with a 326-dimple pattern, and one which has been developed to help produce a high ball flight. HONMA also predict the Future XX will produce “high levels of short-game spin” as well as a much-improved feel.

The Future XX will be the most advanced HONMA ball and will replace the TW-X as the brand’s number one golf ball, although it does come with a cost of more than double that of HONMA’s other balls.

While the Future XX is not being targeted at golfers with a certain swing speed— HONMA say it works well at all levels of swing speed, the TW-X always performs best at around 90mph speeds and was ideal for golfers looking for added distance and less side spin due to a velocity core.

The D1 Plus is suitable for all swing speeds and boasts a spring rubber core and energy release factor for added distance. Available in a whole variety of colours, the D1 Plus is the one option that is most likely to be superseded by the new Future XX.

The D1 model will remain the go-to option for golfers seeking a hard and solid, winter-like ball that provides distance even in the coldest of conditions.

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