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New TaylorMade TP Patina Putters Launched

TaylorMade have added to their range of putters with the launch of the third generation of the TP Patina collection featuring seven eye-catching options.

While the TaylorMade Spider has been a huge success, the leading manufacturer are not resting on any laurels and have come up with a combination of blade and mallet putters that will suit golfers of all abilities.

The TP Patina range includes the Ardmore 1, Ardmore 2, Ardmore 3, DuPage, Del Monte, Soto and Juno putters, and the key look to the new options is the choice of the patina finish with a black nickel and copper effect. The combination and patina finish means all seven have a worn, traditional look to them—particularly on the sole and edges—that harks back to bygone eras.

The colour won’t be for everyone, but what will be is the abundance of technology that includes thicker PureRoll aluminium insert which has been increased by 5mm. Air pockets behind the insert have been minimised to help create a solid ball strike.

There is also varying sole weight options available to help produce the perfect swing weight for your game, whether the mallet options are your preferred style or if blade putters are what you prefer to use.

We take a look at the seven putters in the range.

TaylorMade TP Patina Ardmore 1 Putter

A classic D-shaped mallet head with a single bend shaft, which TaylorMade promise “allows for an unobstructed view of the face from address”. The Ardmore 1 is a face-balanced design and is suited to golfers with a straight putting stroke. There is a double sightline and single dot to aid alignment over putts.

TaylorMade TP Patina Ardmore 2 Putter

The second of three Ardmore head shapes is the Ardmore 2, which is a fang design. It features all of the same technology as the Ardmore 1, is face balanced and also has a single bend shaft.

TaylorMade TP Patina Ardmore 3 Putter

The Ardmore 3 is a slightly shorter version of the fang design for those looking for a small putter head. Significantly, this design has a different shaft to the other two Ardmore options with the Small Curve Hosel providing a traditional look at address. It is toe hung and suits golfers with an arced putting stroke.

TaylorMade TP Patina DuPage Putter

The DuPage is one of two new designs in the range and TaylorMade have come up with a large mallet head that will help inspire confidence over putts. The face-balanced putter has a single bend shaft and the same design aids and technology that is used throughout the TP Patina range.

TaylorMade TP Patina Del Monte Putter

The Del Monte is the second new putter in the TP Patina range and this blade has also been designed with providing confidence in mind. It’s a bigger putter head than a standard blade, and will be the ideal solution for golfers seeking a heavier option. With an 8 degree toe hang, it is best suited to those with an arcing putting stroke.

TaylorMade TP Patina Soto Putter

The Solo is toe hung, like the Del Monte, but is a traditional blade design. If you have a significant arc in your putting stroke, the Sole is the one for you. It has a huge 47 degree toe hang and a long curve hosel.

TaylorMade TP Patina Juno Putter

The Juno is another toe hung blade—this time set to 36 degrees—for a slight arced putting stroke, but has an L-shaped hosel for a true classic look. The design of the putter promotes an enhanced hand position over putts.

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