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PowaKaddy FW7 GPS Electric Trolley Review

PowaKaddy FW7 GPS Electric Trolley
PowaKaddy FW7 GPS Electric Trolley

PowaKaddy have taken things to a new level with the release of the Powakaddy FW7 GPS Electric Trolley. It is one product that serious golfers will be keen to get their hands on.

This is the world’s first fully integrated GPS electric trolley and PowaKaddy’s latest release as they look to win the battle against rival brand Motocaddy.

Fresh from the unveiling of the Motocaddy S5 Connect—which took things to impressive levels with its connectivity to a GPS smartphone app via Bluetooth to display distances—PowaKaddy have pulled the wraps off their more advanced electric trolley.

The FW7 goes one step further than the Motocaddy S5 Connect. It is the only electric trolley with fully integrated GPS technology within the trolley itself. This feature cancerls out the need to rely on mobile signal or Bluetooth connectivity, external GPS devices or battery strength for data and information. And it is pretty impressive too.

Don’t be mistaken, PowaKaddy already have some notable trolleys on the market with other versions in the Freeway (FW) range and in the shape of the compact C2. But the FW7 steps things up a notch. Never before has the GPS unit been built into the trolley itself. You’ll never need to look at another device before each shot.

The FW7 GPS trolley features a central digital display screen. The GPS, which is located in the trolley handle, provides distances to the front, middle and back of the green with impressive accuracy. You also get key data to aid shot and club selection with distances to hazards and lay up areas, all of which are available for over 30,000 golf courses worldwide.

But it is the “extras” that really make the FW7 stand out. The display includes a built-in scorecard (and calorie counter if you are in inclined to use it) and celebrates or commiserates with an emoji at the end of the round depending whether it was impressive or abysmal. Your scores are also retained to help create a performance history to assess, analyse and improve your game.

In terms of the trolley itself, the FW7 GPS uses the same frame as the FW7 and comes with the latest Plug’n’Play—no wires to grapple with—lithium battery for either 18 or 36 holes. The trolley comes with a 3-year warranty and the battery with a 5-year guarantee.

It isn’t cheap, but it is certainly an impressive trolley well worth considering. You’re paying top end if you do buy the FW7 GPS, but it simply blows away any other rivals in the marketplace. When you consider the outlay you may have spent—or will spend—on a GPS or Distance Measuring Device and a trolley, the PowaKaddy FW7 GPS doesn’t actually work out badly overall. It could even, in fact, be a game changer.

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