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Stay Fit While Distancing as a Golfer

Stay fit while social distancing

By all medical accounts, if the coronavirus which has the world at a standstill is to be overcome, social distancing, regular hands washing, and adhering to the lockdown must be strictly followed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit while distancing.

The pandemic has brought everything to a standstill, and that includes golfing activities. With everyone having to stay at home and do nothing intense bouts of cabin fever can set in. How are golfers around the world staying fit while distancing? Here are some options you can indulge in.

Playing a round of golf

While they sit at home order is in place, most golf courses are still opened as golf is considered a low-risk sport. This is because you will be coming in contact with people little to no times if you adhere to the distancing rules. While social golfing and competitions have been stopped altogether. Casual golfing has been allowed to continue in some states, and some of the PGA players are taking advantage of this.

Go for a run

Some of the players have been seeing jogging around their houses and the nearby streets. They’re mostly on their own and keep their distance from people but do their best to stay fit.

Playing backyard sports

While this may not sound like the best idea for social distancing, based on advice from some medical experts, it is good to have an outdoor activity with a few people from your household. Get some members of your household and play games like soccer in your backyard to keep active.

Open sea swimming

While most gyms have been closed to curtail the spread of the virus, swimming pools are also off-limits. However, one thing that will remain open all year round are natural bodies of water. Despite it being freezing at this time of the year, some PGA golfers enjoy a quick dip in the sea as it rejuvenates their senses after staying indoors for long.

Final Words

You can also engage in any of the fitness activities like the PGA golf pros, such as static bike exercising. The important thing is to stay fit and healthy. The virus may be spreading, and the lockdown is necessary to keep everyone safe. However, your body should not suffer because of it. Maintain social distancing and still keep your body in good shape when you stay fit while distancing.

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