FootJoy Tour S Shoes Launched

FootJoy Tour S Shoes image courtesy FootJoy

FootJoy have released their first new shoe for 2018 with the launch of the Tour S golf shoes which combine style with performance-boosting qualities.

If you like a comfortable golf shoe—but one which also provides stability through your swing—then the FootJoy Tour S could well be the answer. It certainly ticks both boxes and it is a very stylish shoe to boot.

The Tour S shoes come with a premium price tag and. While there are lighter and softer shoes in the FootJoy range, the overall performance of this latest model more than justifies the cost. They aren’t going to add yardage to your game or knock shots off your handicap, but you will hit better shots from staying in stable positions.

A familiar design

FootJoy have actually gone back in time with the design, using the wider base of the XPS-1 shoe (which was very heavy) from earlier ranges as the focal point for the creation of the Tour S. You will notice immediately that they are wider than other similar golf shoes. The stability comes from that width as well as the arrangement of cleats on the sole.

The spikes are positioned wider than the FootJoy DNA Helix, which was previously designed for a similar impact of stability. Slipping or losing grip during your swing should not be a problem with the Tour S, particularly if you have a fast swing speed—although some may feel like they are locked to the ground, such is the stability provided.

There is a firmer, more rigid outer sole made from Pebax. Normally used in football boots, the dual-density fit bed (which keeps your foot in position), soft foam collar and Power Strap all add to that stability. However, don’t let that make you think these aren’t comfortable! Made from PPL leather, they are soft overall and will feel like a comfortable running shoe with carbon fibre used as the centre of the sole rather than more traditional metal.

Launch Pod technology

The technology in the Tour S includes “Launch Pods”—the area that holds the spikes. They stick out of the side of the sole a little, but they have been coloured in fluorescent and made from a translucent TPU material to incorporate them into the look and design.

The advantage of those spikes, however, is that they can be replaced. That was not the case with FootJoy’s Pro S/L released in 2017, so the Tour S might have a longer shelf life for that very reason. In that respect, the Tour S may represent better value for money in the long-run despite being sold for around double the price.

Available in white with blue, green and orange translucent launch pods—as well as all black—the Tour S shoes will be on sale from mid-February. Golfers seeking added trust in their shoe and more stability over their shots will want to get their hands on what is FootJoy’s most premium golf shoe yet.

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