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Ping G700 Irons Launched

Ping G700 Irons image courtesy Ping
Ping G700 Irons image courtesy Ping

Ping have launched the newest addition to their impressive range of clubs with the Ping G700 irons. This is only one among a number of products unveiled by the leading manufacturer for the 2018 season.

The eye-catching irons were officially launched by Ping on January 15 along with other new clubs. However, golfers looking to get their hands on the new G700 irons will have to wait until the end of March when they hit the market and are officially launched for sale as a replacement for the GMax irons.

Added distance

Aimed at mid-to-high handicap golfers, the G700 irons will provide added distance and increased forgiveness to help produce more accurate and longer shots. Ping are billing them as ‘game improvers’ and say they are their longest and highest-flying irons—that might well be the case. They certainly look to be an impressive alternative option to the G400 irons which Ping launched late in 2017.

“The desire for golfers to hit their irons further continues to grow,” said Ping president John K. Solheim. The manufacturer is also introducing the Ping Vault 2.0 putter, Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges and a forgiving Max version of the popular Ping G400 Driver to the market in 2018.

“We want to provide options that greatly increase distance without sacrificing other performance attributes such as consistency, forgiveness and feel.

“With the G700 iron, we’ve been able to accomplish all of that in a very appealing design with a sound that screams distance from the moment golfers hit it.

“We’re seeing significant ball-speed increases in the G700 while maintaining the consistency and control golfers need to improve their iron play. It also has a great overall look, especially at address, and a premium finish. When golfers hit it, they’ll experience a sensation and sound that’s unlike any they’ve ever felt or heard.”

A new look

The G700s certainly do have an attractive look—the hollow body design really catches the eye. The hollow design isn’t merely cosmetic either; it helps increase the forgiveness of the Ping irons as well as produce a higher trajectory on shots and added distance. The hollowing means the weight has been taken away from the face from the GMax design.

The face is a C300 maraging steel construction with a two-step heat treatment increasing the strength of the club. That strength allows for a lighter club head to generate greater ball speed. There are toe and shaft weights in the Ping G700 irons for a perfectly balanced CG and the sole design is a close replica of that in the premium G400 irons.

Those looking for even more distance can opt for the “Power Spec” option of the G700s. That version of the irons comes with 1.5 or 2 degree flatter lofts for a more penetrating and longer distance on shots.

The Ping G700 irons comes in 4-9 iron options as well as PW, UW and SW. They will be available with graphite and steel shafts.

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