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Odyssey Red Ball Putter Launched

Odyssey Red Ball Putter Launched image courtesy Odyssey
Odyssey Red Ball Putter Launched image courtesy Odyssey

Odyssey have launched a new design with the release of the Odyssey Red Ball Putter, a new mallet which may well divide opinion with its unique look.

While the Odyssey Red Ball Putter has a traditional mallet shape to the head, the idea behind the red ball is what makes it different. It clearly stands out from others in terms of aesthetic, but Odyssey are predicting that it could be the first “super game improvement putter” due to the technology that has gone into the design.

Time will tell just how big the putter could be, but there is no denying that it has all the hallmarks of a game-changer in the same manner that TaylorMade’s M3 and M4 drivers—among others—have proven to be when breaking new design ground.

Satisfying a need in the marketplace

“I’m not sure we exactly know where it goes or how big it could be, but we think it satisfies a definite need in the marketplace,” Sean Toulon, Odyssey general manager and senior vice president at Callaway Golf, said.

“I guess there’s never really been a super game improvement putter that’s come to the marketplace, but that’s kind of what this is.”

The Odyssey Red Ball Putter is horse-shoed in shape, even more so than normal due to the fact the curved back is hollow behind the face. Where the name comes from is the little red ball which sits in the sole of the putter. It is visible via what Odyssey are calling a “scope” (a hole) on the top of the putter head on a secondary design loop.

Red ball innovation

The idea behind the red ball, which contrasts perfectly with the black and white color scheme of the putter head, is that it should be seen through the scope if you are positioned perfectly at address, with eyes over the ball. Never before has a putter been designed with the intention of getting a golfer into the correct position consistently on the putting green.

Odyssey believe that by getting into a position where the red ball is visible through the scope, more putts should be holed due to correct alignment. As an added aid, there is one of the more traditional sight lines running along the head of the putter towards the red ball, too. The black and white color contrast being a now-traditional technological design from Odyssey’s Versa feature.

Design features

The design with the hollow back has also seen the MOI move to the edge of the head to ensure off-center strikes become more forgiving. Meanwhile, the now-familiar White Hot RX insert—which has been around in other models for the last two years—is included in the face to help give an improved sound and softer feel and produce a better roll on putts.

Available from July 2018 in three different shaft lengths (33, 34 and 35 inches), the Odyssey Red Ball Putter looks set to make a big impact. For golfers who struggle with alignment, this could be the cure for their woes on the putting green.

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