PXG Launch Affordable 0211 Irons

PXG have gained a reputation as producers of seriously impressive—but costly—golf clubs. But now the limited-edition 0211 irons have been created with the philosophy of being affordable for most golfers.

There’s no doubting Parsons Xtreme Golf, as the company is fully known having been set up in 2015 by GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons, have always focused on the high-end when it comes to designing golf clubs.

But that has been reflected in the price tag that comes with the likes of the 0811 drivers, the 0311 irons and wedges, the 0341 fairway woods and the 0317 hybrids – all seriously eye-catching products.

Now, however, PXG are targeting more than just golfers with bulging wallets with the 0211 irons designed to cater for a much bigger audience on cost—while also being an improvement on the performance of the 0311 irons.

PXG said: “We challenged our engineers to build an amazing but more affordable iron. And they did. The results surprised even us.

“Our new 0211 irons launch higher, go farther, are more forgiving and have a sweet spot the size of Texas.”

The bad news is that they are limited edition and as PXG say “when they’re gone they’re gone”.

What can you expect of the PXG 0211 irons? Firstly, a very attractive set of irons that are hollow body in design, and secondly a set of clubs which has three of the PXG key GEN2 technologies incorporated.

The body features the COR2 polymer which helps produces high speed and vibration dampening for the sweetest of strikes, while the material also helps come up with the world’s thinnest club face of just 1.5mm, an area in which PXG have managed to create a weight saving.

The difference between the 0211 irons and the 0311 irons is, of course, that the latter were triple forged in the design process and aimed towards better golfers with lower handicaps. The 0211s will appeal to a much wider audience.

The third technology in the 0211 irons is the 360-degree undercut perimeter channel around the club face which helps create a bigger face. PXG say the sweet spot is 15% larger and contributes to increased ball speeds, yet also helps produce more distance control too.

So how do the figures stack up? Using the GEN2 0311 forged irons as the bench mark, PXG claim the new 0211 irons are up to 1.5 mph faster, 4-6 yards longer and produce spin of 300-600 rpm less than their more expensive predecessor.

It’s no shock to discover that PXG were surprised by the results, particularly when you consider that the launch angles and descent angles are near identical in the two ranges.

While selling the 0211 irons at the limited-edition affordable price, they start at $195 per club. That compares to a price tag of $350 per club for the PXG 0311 GEN1 irons when they were introduced and subsequently sold out.

The 0211 irons are available in 4-PW as well as gap, sand and lob wedge options.

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