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Scotty Cameron Select Putters Launched

Scotty Cameron Select Putters Launched image courtesy Callaway
Scotty Cameron Select Putters Launched image courtesy Callaway

Scotty Cameron are the leaders when it comes to producing golf putters, and their latest range has been launched in the shape of the Select Putters.

The 2018 Select Putter Line, as Scotty Cameron are calling the range, features seven models (four blades and three mid-mallets) and all have been improved and honed from previous models to take performance levels up a notch.

What has changed to improve the already impressive Scotty Cameron Select putters?

After the launch of the new equipment, Scotty Cameron said: “The next generation of Scotty Cameron Select putters continues the evolution of a line engineered for performance, milled to precision and designed with elegance.”

The specific changes have involved creating a four-way balanced sole design to help golfers with their alignment over the ball. The weighting system now takes into consideration the weight of the shaft and grip to help create the perfectly balanced putter.

There is also a slight reworking of the shape of the putter heads and sight lines to help with alignment. In addition to this, the new Scotty Cameron Select putters feature a 30 percent increase in the vibration-dampening material within the body of the putter. This has helped produce a much better sound and feel when it comes to ball striking.

All seven models in the range—the Newport, Newport 2, Newport 2.5, Newport 3, Laguna, Fastback and Squareback—are crafted with a stainless steel body and aluminium face and provide a much better balance all around. They don’t come cheap, but you’re getting premium equipment in both looks and performance when you opt for these Scotty Cameron select putters.

Read on for a rundown of the seven options of the 2018 Scotty Cameron Select Putters.


This is the classic Scotty Cameron blade look with curved edges. The Newport has been refined to improve the visual lines and is also slightly thinner than before on the top line. Now, you also get a full look at the putter head when standing over the ball, as the angle of the neck was adjusted for the 2018 model.

Newport 2

The Newport 2 has undergone similar improvements to the Newport, also being made thinner. It remains the eye-catching putter it always was with square edges and a perfect look, contrasting perfectly with the more rounded Newport. The iconic three red dot design also features on the putter face of this version.

Newport 2.5

The Newport 2.5 putter offers golfers the chance to play a Scotty Cameron with one bend shaft designed to create a balanced putter head. The 2.5 is not strikingly different to the Newport 2—one of its subtle differences is that it doesn’t sport the angled neck. It is the ideal putter for golfers with an arcing stroke.

Newport 3

The Newport 3 is distinctive from other Newport versions because it is mid-mallet shaped in a tear flow design. The heel-shafted putter is one of the most beautiful looking putters you’ll find, but don’t let that fool you into thinking the performance isn’t there. Because it is. There’s incredible precision milling on the face and improved contours, feel and sound than in previous versions.


The Laguna putter has a classic head shape, but is unique thanks to a sculpted flange and mini neck angle. Scotty Cameron introduced the Laguna model more than a decade ago, but the latest 2018 improvements make it better than ever before. The iconic three red dots make it onto the face of this model, too.


The largest of the mid-mallets in terms of putter head size, the Fastback now has a solitary milled flange to give it a much cleaner look. It leaves golfers with a much better view over the ball. The shaft is now single bend, too, and the four-way balanced sole means this produces improved results on the putting surface as well.


Like the Fastback, the Squareback has a single bend shaft but it actually has much more in common with the Newport 2 Scotty Cameron select putters. The design of the putter head has plenty of similarities, even though the Squareback is a mid-mallet rather than a blade. Offering incredible confidence over the ball, the design has been honed to create the 2018 version.

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