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Titleist Unveils New CNCPT Irons

The most impressive irons ever created by Titleist have been revealed with the launch of the CNCPT range.

Worth a staggering $500 for each individual iron, lovers of the Titleist brand can get their hands on the most impressive—and expensive—product the manufacturer has ever produced following the unveiling of the CP-01 and CP-02 irons.

Costing $7500 for seven irons, the CNCPT irons won’t be seen in the bag of too many golfers. But those that do splash out will have irons that are unprecedented in design terms and engineered to be the best ever Titleist range.

“Two unprecedented iron designs from Titleist that stand as testament to the power of grand ambition,” is how Titleist describe the new CNCPT irons. “Each a product of ingenious engineers given unlimited means.

“Visually articulated with equal imagination, to produce the world’s most satisfying ball-striking experience. With an ultra-thin face—measured and remeasured to ensure perfect uniformity—made possible through the use of a rare, super strong alloy never before used in club manufacturing.

“To put it simply, we’ve never seen the ball come off the face of an iron faster. Engineered to produce higher launch, greater distance and the most generous impact possible, with high density tungsten making up nearly 50 percent of the total head weight in the lower lofts.”

The quality of the Titleist CNCPT irons smacks of the kind of engineering skill that rival manufacturer PXG has put into the development of their clubs—and the price tag arguably points to a similarly impressive product.

Titleist has taken the C-16 iron and gone to the next level by putting no limit on cost, material or engineering development. And the end result is the Titleist CP-01 and Titleist CP-02 irons, which really catch the eye.

Both sets of irons have the thinnest face in any golf club with Titleist having constructed it from a super strong alloy never before used in any manufacturing process. The inserts have been measured to within a millimetre of its life to ensure there is uniformity across all irons.

The club head is crafted from a high-density tungsten and the light weight has allowed Titleist to produce a higher launch angle from both the CP-01 and CP-02 irons and extract even more distance than any other iron to carry the brand’s name.

The two options differ only marginally in performance but the CP-01 is slightly larger in club head size and more forgiving than its sister range. It provides “supreme speed”, a slightly higher launch compared to the more compact CP-02 irons and comes with what Titleist describe as a “distance chassis”.

Titleist CNCPT CP-02 Irons is more of a blade like design but is “stunningly playable” according to Titleist’s marketing.

“CNCPT are designed to be the finest irons you’ve ever played,” is what Titleist promise.

The Titleist CNCPT irons will be released for general sale from May 2019. The CP-01 will be available in 4-iron to wedge, while a 3-iron is an additional option in the CP-02 range.

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