10 Great Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

Improve Your Golf Game

10 Great Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

No golfer enjoys searching for rogue balls in the rough or getting their golf shoes all sandy in a bunker. The center of the fairway is where we all want to be, hitting our drives like Dustin Johnson and putting like Patrick Reed. Here are 10 great ways to improve your golf game.

With these ten tips to progress your game, your frustrations on the course will ease, and you’ll start to enjoy your golf a little more as your scorecards start moving in the right direction.

  1. Identify the Weaknesses in Your Game

First, you need to look at your overall game and figure out where your game is weakest. Granted, you don’t have PGA Tour statistics to study to dissect your weaknesses, but identifying them is essential to pinpoint what needs the most work moving forward.

Start inputting simple statistics into an app as you play – fairways hit, greens made in regulation, short game up and down figures and total putts. The apps available for this give you a handicap for each part of your game, giving you a clear indication of the biggest problem. You can then, and only then, start moving into the solution.

  1. Don’t Underestimate the Importance of the Follow-Through

A good follow-through, culminating with your hands above your left shoulder and your right shoulder below your left more often than not means you’ve had an excellent connection between the club and the ball.

Golf swings don’t stop when you hit the ball. A good follow-through, whatever the shot, is crucial if the ball is to go in the direction you wish it to.

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